New videos explain Family Law Cafe, and how we can benefit you

Family Law Cafe offers a unique service to anyone with a family law problem. To help explain just how our service works, and how it can benefit you, we have released a series of explanatory videos. In this video, for example, our founder and CEO Joanna Toch explains why she created Family Law Cafe:

You can find further videos by UK Senior Partner Michael Hatchard and barrister Sumita Mahtab-Shaikh on our Home Page, under ‘Benefits of Our Service’.

We have also released videos of two of our clients Gavin and Helen, who explain their stories, and how we were able to help them. You can find their videos on our Testimonials page.

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Family Law Cafe offers a modern, agile and compassionate approach to family law, giving you a helping hand when you need it and guiding you through the complexities of this difficult and stressful area.

Image: Family Law Cafe