Cost of a Child report is a reminder to make proper provision for children

The Child Poverty Action Group (‘CPAG’) has published its latest Cost of a Child report, showing what it costs to raise a child to age 18, based on what the public thinks is a minimum standard of living.

The report says that the overall cost of a child (including rent and childcare) is £150,753 for a couple and £183,335 for a lone parent.

Note that this is a minimum. For most parents, the actual cost is likely to be considerably higher.

Note also that the figure is higher for lone parents (including, of course, those who have separated from the other parent), due to the increased difference that the presence of a child makes to a single adult’s budget, compared to the difference a child makes to a couple’s budget.

The report serves as a reminder of the importance of ensuring that proper financial provision is made for any dependent children when their parents separate. This does not necessarily just mean that the non-resident parent should pay the appropriate amount of child maintenance. Special expenses such as school fees will also need to be considered. And if the non-resident parent is on a particularly high income then it may be necessary to go to court to obtain an order ‘topping up’ the amount that the Child Maintenance Service requires them to pay.

As the CPAG report indicates, the total cost of raising a child can be enormous. Accordingly, if you are a parent with care of children it is essential that you receive proper advice as to what the other parent should be paying. Family Law Cafe can help you find that advice. To contact us click the Contact link above and fill in the form, or call us on 020 3904 0506.

You can read the full CPAG report here.

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Image: CPAG