Family law online is already here

Much has been made in the media over the last week of the success of the Ministry of Justice’s online divorce service, which was launched last April. Figures revealed by the Government showed that since then more than 23,000 online applications for divorce have been made. It has also been revealed that 455 applications were filed between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, with 13 submitted on Christmas Day itself.

Of course only the divorce procedure itself can presently be dealt with online. Other aspects of the divorce, such as dealing with financial matters and arrangements for children, still have to be dealt with ‘on paper’, as do other types of family cases.

Commenting upon the figures Justice Minister Lucy Frazer QC said:

“These online services are already making a difference to people who use the justice system. As we reach this milestone it’s encouraging to see people are reporting these services work well for them and are a better fit around their busy lives.”

We agree that people who have family law problems find it convenient to be able to deal with the matter online where they want, and when they want. That is why we provide our customers with access to a secure online digital platform, which contains all of your case materials, no matter what type of family case it is.

As well as viewing all of your essential case papers, the platform enables you to see any important dates in your case calendar, and speak with your Expeditor (an experienced lawyer, who will help you with key decisions) and case experts by instant messaging.

Family Law Cafe. The future is already here.

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