Dealing with holiday disputes over children

The summer holiday season is now in full swing. It can be a fraught time for separated parents, who have to make arrangements as to with whom the children will stay over the school holidays, and possibly also where they will go, for example where permission is required to take them abroad.

The best advice is of course to sort out holiday arrangements for children well in advance of the school holidays. That way, if it is simply impossible to agree the arrangements, then at least there will be time to ask the court to decide the matter.

Sometimes, however, it is just not possible to sort things out in advance, for example where a situation arises at the last minute. Previously agreed arrangements may also break down.

What do you do in such circumstances? What are your ‘rights’? Do you need the agreement of the other parent? If so, what is the best approach to take when dealing them? What if you can’t agree matters? And what matters are sufficiently urgent for the court to deal with them at short notice?

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