New site explains the benefits of using Family Law Cafe

Welcome to the new Family Law Cafe website!

The site is designed to explain clearly the benefits of using Family Law Cafe.

Here are some highlights:

Home page: Outlining what we do, and how we differ from other providers of family law services. Scroll down for more information.

Services page: Sets out the three levels of support that we provide:

1. Your Host takes information and processes your initial enquiry.

2. Your Expeditor, an experienced lawyer, will help you with key decisions.

3. Your Server will assist in day to day matters. You will never need to struggle alone or worry. We’ll be with you all the way.

This page also explains how our services work, and how they can save you time and money. Scroll down for the details.

FAQ: Have a question to ask about what we can do for you? You may find the answer is here.

Testimonials: Find out what others are saying about our service.

News: All the latest family law news that you need to know, along with basic advice on a wide range of topics. Click the button at the top of the page to filter the news by subject type.

About page: Explains who we are, why you should use us, and what you pay.

For further information about what we can do for you call us on 020 3904 0506, or complete the contact form, here.

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Family Law Cafe’s accessible team of legal experts from various disciplines expedites the customer’s case and keeps them informed and in control 24/7 through a unique and secure online portal. Family Law Cafe is your start-point for getting matters sorted with strategy, support and security.