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Father, Child Arrangements

I am overwhelmed that I now won’t go more than a day without seeing my son as FaceTime was granted. Joanna, at Family Law Cafe is loyal and honest. She stuck to her word of getting things done swiftly keeping costs low. I highly recommend Family Law Cafe and using their online forum so that all your documents are visible and accessible to anyone involved in your case. It saves a lot of stress sending documents and keeping everyone informed of what is happening as they can all log on and view comments and documents. Myself and my son will forever be in their debt.

Wife, re-opening finances

I just want to say a big THANK YOU for all your help! I can’t believe I can finally move forward and get on with my life. I honestly could not have done it without your help and support.” Anyway, I can’t say it enough times…THANK YOU again

Husband, Financial Remedy

When something new cropped up in my financial life a year after the final order for finances I could not face going back to the battleground of the court process. I explained the issue to you and you speedily got me detailed and accurate advice and as a result everything was sorted within weeks and my worries were over. I can’t thank you enough.

Father, Child Arrangements

Family Law Cafe provided me with useful information explaining the process giving fact based advice and information and tailored an approach to fit my case to ensure a successful outcome. Joanna and Carol were there to support me and answer my questions pro-actively to put my mind at rest. They found a suitable barrister who did a great job of representing my case, and the outcome surpassed my expectations in an extremely timely manner.

Great professional service and would recommend to anyone needing assistance.

Wife, financial remedy

What mattered most for me was to have the input of human compassion, an understanding of what one goes through during divorce, and to be gently nudged into the ‘work this out’ mode. You helped me get on, do what needed to be done and to be in a better place sooner rather than later.

Father, Child Arrangements

The barrister you found was wonderful and scrupulously prepared so any reservations I had about her relatively recent call (knowing what she was up against) were quickly dispelled. I had limited funds and they were used wisely thanks to your advice. Thanks again to you all for your efforts. With so many unable to afford large fees and in no position to source the right help, there is a big role for FLC and I really believe you provide the future for family law.


Thank you so much for your passionate and brilliant work!
Thank you for helping me through this difficult trial and ensuring the best possible outcome.
Thank you to Carol for the fantastic job you do for FLC.

Husband, Divorce and Finances

Family Law Cafe: A recommendation to me that I am very happy to pass on.

Seeking advice on divorce with its associated financial settlement, I initially contacted a local solicitors practice for advice on divorce but started to feel uncertain when I discovered that they were not family law specialists as I thought and that their fees were not as ‘fixed’ as they were advertised. Looking for an alternative, I was recommended to Joanna Toch by a friend and neighbour who had benefitted from her legal advice and guidance some years ago. Joanna explained the Family Law Cafe fixed fee business model and how the service worked. Reassured, I felt confident and signed up. I’ve found Joanna together with the staff working at Family Law Cafe, especially Carol, the Operations Manager, to be very supportive and helpful in what can be a sometimes-distressing series of processes. If you need an open, friendly and expert hand to guide you through divorce and settlement, I would go no further than Family Law Cafe.

Father, Children matter

Way beyond five star!!!

I cannot thank Joanna, Carol and the rest of team enough. They always maintained a world class and positive approach throughout.

On my first contact, Joanna was understanding and professional showing her experience and knowledge when she was able to see the complete situation of my case so rapidly and knew what was required. A positive plan of action was discussed, set and integrated onto the secured portal. The secured portal was a great way to monitor my case and communicate any issues that had arisen, like unnecessary communications I received from the opposing law firm, or reviewing any files before finalising and serving on time. I always received excellent  advice/drafted responses that gave me relief my family matter was being taken care of with confidence.

I found this way of doing things were complimentary and added fluidity to the service for the court process.  Overall this concept is direct,  practical and highly beneficial. Allowing all relevant persons to stay informed and up to date. The portal is also user friendly and designed responsively to all devices from laptop to mobile phone.

I am blessed to have received such a great service and outcome in my family matter thanks to the effectively super Incredible work from Family Law cafe.

Father, Children case

Legal support through the Family Court

I had contacted Family Law Cafe when I was in a very weak position to be allowed to have unsupervised contact with my young son. The system they have in place allowed me to contact them through a secure email system as often as I wanted to. Although I could have spoken to them on a telephone I preferred this as it produced a record or evidence of what had been written. At times I did speak to them and they were always supportive. There were many obstacles we had to overcome and some of these were difficult, during the two and a quarter years it took for me to be allowed unsupervised contact in my own home and in the community. This was largely due to the knowledge, skills, decision making, guidance and support that the Family Law staff contributed. In court with the judge and in communication with the opposition legal team the Family Law negotiating skills were effective. In a dispute with the Court relating to the non attendance of the Judge and the insistence that the court fees would not be refunded I was refunded a significant amount of money due to the guidance of my legal team. I valued the contribution they made and I recommend them with confidence.

Father, Children case

Remarkable law firm

When you require legal representation, it can be a daunting task choosing a firm to put your faith in; especially when it could be a life changing situation. I feel extremely fortunate that Citizens Advice put me in touch with The Family Law Cafe. To be honest, I had images of a literal Cafe, with a barrister sitting at a table surrounded by regular Cafe punters, but that image couldn’t have been further from the truth. From the very first telephone conversation I had with Joanna, I knew that this would be the right team to have behind me. Joanna is extremely professional, doesn’t ‘beat around the bush’ and gave her honest opinion at all time’s, leaving me under no false illusions. This was refreshing, as it gave me room to prepare mentally for the pro’s and con’s of my case, demonstrating her extensive knowledge of family law. Carol was extremely helpful in setting up with the closed legal forum. I’m terrible with computers and her patience with me was remarkable. Nothing was too much to ask for and she was at the end of the phone whenever I needed help. I can’t thank her enough for putting up with my apparent ‘allergy’ to anything computer related. The team worked hard to find a Barrister to attend court with me and once again I put all my faith in Joanna’s judgement, for which I couldn’t be happier with the recommendation of Sheila Aly. Sheila is very professional and blew my mind in court. She made the opposition Counsel look like an amateur, skilfully asking the right questions at the right time, in a very confident and convincing manner. No words can really do justice to what Sheila did in court, and as has Joanna, she truly has perfected her craft. To put this into context; my case was for my ex-partner for ‘leave to remove,’ to another country. The CAFCASS recommendation supported her application. I was absolutely devastated. My child’s future hung I the balance of what can only be described as a shambles of a CAFCASS report. Joanna instantly knew the report could be challenged, but remained sceptical of the likely outcome, as Judges tend to honor the CAFCASS recommendation. I’m elated to say that all ended well and justice was served. I became one of the 3.6% of fortunate recipients to have the judge rule out the CAFCASS recommendation (Joanna and Sheila had actually achieved that previously.) *I have to pay my gratitude to the wisdom of the Judge as well. If you chose The Family Law Cafe, I can assure you that you are in the right hands. If the case can be won; they will do it.


Mother, children case

Family law cafe has helped me to get a positive outcome for my case

Family law cafe has helped me to get a positive outcome for my case. The online portal is an extremely useful way to communicate with your advisor and using a direct access barrister also helps to reduce the costs. I’ve found Family Law Cafe to be an extremely professional service and I highly recommend

Father, Children case

Family Law Cafe are first class

Family Law Cafe are a fantastic organisation that are supportive to your situation providing superb legal advice and a true all round solution. They managed my case professionally putting my fears and concerns at ease with their simple yet effective case management process. This company and service is first class but at a fraction of traditional methods. Can’t recommend enough!! Superb!!

Husband, Divorce and Finances

Outstanding Service.

Outstanding Service… I have recently used this amazing firm to help me with my divorce. I’ve been trying to get divorced for nearly 8 years now and have been representing myself. Things started to get out of hand for me and so I decided to look for a barrister. I found Joanna online and immediately knew she was the one I wanted to represent me. Right from the start Joanna had a brilliant grasp on my case. Within in a matter of weeks she worked her magic and now my

divorce is finally sorted. Throughout the time Family Law Cafe was involved, Carol, (Joanna’s right hand) was always a phone call away, helping me with anything. Nothing was too much trouble for Carol, she was really easy to talk to, was very reassuring and calming. The whole firm has been superb and I would highly recommend anyone who wants to cut through the emotional and personal crap and get to the point then do not hesitate to give them a call. Also due to the pandemic things have been extra difficult but this was not a problem to this highly efficient firm. Thank you all.

Father, children case

Family Law Cafe, exceptional and caring.

Family Law Cafe have been exceptional in supporting me through a very difficult case in the family law court. They have given me excellent advice and are constantly in touch. Professional, diligent, and above all caring. I highly recommend them.


Cohabitee, Finances

Great service and advice given to me at a really difficult time in life

Great service and advice given to me at a really difficult time in life. The portal is easy to use, and communication was 1st class. Highly recommend.

Mother. Children case

Always helpful and very honest

Always helpful and very honest. More importantly they know what they are talking about and all the staff at the Family Law Cafe are very friendly and put you at ease in what is a very sensitive situation.

Husband, Financial

Thanks both and this will be the most relaxing weekend I have had for many years!!! Both of you have expressed how difficult this case has been, extremely frustrating and challenging. I would like to sincerely thank you both for ‘going above and beyond’ and for those late nights putting bundles and statements together whilst trying to piece together the chaotic and fragmented disclosure etc!!
I feel as though I have finally got my life back and under my control, so a huge thank you to you both!!


The Family Law Café concept has been long overdue. Simple to use and highly efficient with all case correspondence, notes, files and information readily available and accessible on desktop and mobile devices. This reduces the user stress levels significantly by being able to access all information from anywhere at anytime. Well done to the FLC team for the concept and the service!

Wife, Financial

I invested in the services of FLC for a complex but relatively low value financial order case which involved foreign property. The case took a year to complete. The team at FLC were supportive, empathetic, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. By using FLC, my legal expenses were 90% less than the other party. My queries were dealt with professionally and with compassion. The online system is fantastic.. I had mountains of paperwork but just scanned and uploaded it at my convenience where it was available for everyone involved with my case to view and comment as needed. An awesome service, I cannot recommend FLC highly enough.

A final note: The outcome was really rather funny and massively unusual. The order was drawn up by the UK courts where I retained my decent UK pension and the other party retained his enormous UK debts caused by irrational spending habits totalling over 180k. However.. regarding the property abroad. The foreign court will not recognise the UK order as the document cannot be guaranteed by them as genuine. Therefore in simple terms, after the other party spent 40k in gaining sole ownership of the property and I receiving a lump sum.. I still legally own half the property. That’s definitely one for the history book.. that’s True Karma for 5 years of domestic abuse.



A breath of fresh air!

Working with FLC has been a breath of fresh air (compared to my previous experiences working with law firms) and I would throughly recommend them to anyone going the divorce or family court process. They balance solid legal advise with excellent provision if emotional and practical support perfectly. Plus you know where you are from a cost perspective – with no surprises or escalating costs. I felt like the whole team really understood my case and were invested in helping me achieve the best outcome. Their online portal is fantastic for keeping all documents and communications in one place and makes the process efficient and environmentally friendly too!
I felt like the team were there for me every step of the way, and with something as emotional and stressful as the court process, that was deeply appreciated. Thank you Carol, Zoe and Joanna for everything that you have done for me and my family.