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Father, Child Arrangements

I am overwhelmed that I now won't go more than a day without seeing my son as FaceTime was granted. Joanna, at Family Law Cafe is loyal and honest. She stuck to her word of getting things done swiftly keeping costs low. I highly recommend Family Law Cafe and using their online forum so that all your documents are visible and accessible to anyone involved in your case. It saves a lot of stress sending documents and keeping everyone informed of what is happening as they can all log on and view comments and documents. Myself and my son will forever be in their debt.

Wife, re-opening finances

I just want to say a big THANK YOU for all your help! I can't believe I can finally move forward and get on with my life. I honestly could not have done it without your help and support.” Anyway, I can't say it enough times...THANK YOU again

Husband, Financial Remedy

When something new cropped up in my financial life a year after the final order for finances I could not face going back to the battleground of the court process. I explained the issue to you and you speedily got me detailed and accurate advice and as a result everything was sorted within weeks and my worries were over. I can’t thank you enough.

Father, Child Arrangements

Family Law Cafe provided me with useful information explaining the process giving fact based advice and information and tailored an approach to fit my case to ensure a successful outcome. Joanna and Carol were there to support me and answer my questions pro-actively to put my mind at rest. They found a suitable barrister who did a great job of representing my case, and the outcome surpassed my expectations in an extremely timely manner. Great professional service and would recommend to anyone needing assistance.

Wife, financial remedy

What mattered most for me was to have the input of human compassion, an understanding of what one goes through during divorce, and to be gently nudged into the 'work this out' mode. You helped me get on, do what needed to be done and to be in a better place sooner rather than later.

Father, Child Arrangements

The barrister you found was wonderful and scrupulously prepared so any reservations I had about her relatively recent call (knowing what she was up against) were quickly dispelled. I had limited funds and they were used wisely thanks to your advice. Thanks again to you all for your efforts. With so many unable to afford large fees and in no position to source the right help, there is a big role for FLC and I really believe you provide the future for family law.


Thank you so much for your passionate and brilliant work! Thank you for helping me through this difficult trial and ensuring the best possible outcome. Thank you to Carol for the fantastic job you do for FLC.