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If you’re someone who already has legal support and wishes to make a change, remember that there is no obligation to remain with them.

The three steps to change:

1. Speak to us. Tell us where you are now, and where you want to get to. If you like the sound of us, great!
2. Inform your provider that you want to move. Remember you are not obliged to give any reason as to why. Pay any unpaid fees.
3. We’ll upload your papers to the portal and liaise with your previous provider to get things moving in a streamlined and efficient way.

Start your journey with us by filling in the details below. Just complete what is relevant and useful to you, and we’ll contact you back at a time that suits you. There is always complete confidentiality - and you have no obligation to take things further unless you see this working for you.

No time to complete the form? Don’t worry. Call us on 02039040506, or send us an email at info@familylawcafe.co.uk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Familylawcafe.co.uk?
    It is a lawyer mentoring service that makes your family case into a project and gets you from wherever you are now to your best outcome tapping into expert guidance from the beginning and ensuring you spend proportionate emotional, psychological and financial resources. You get access to all your papers in one safe place, access to appropriate experts and unlimited help and guidance for a flat monthly fee.
  • What advantages do you give me?
    You first get to understand where you are with analysis of your present situation from a lawyer who works in the family law system and knows about all the different ways separations and conflicts can be managed, then you are assisted to work out a strategy so that you make the best use of your resources to get an outcome that works for you. You are in control all the time through your matter because you have access to your documents and experts 24/7 via the portal. You can always be one step ahead because you have the advantage of getting information by people who know how the system works. Watch our videos with real customers views of how we help them!
  • Do you go on court record as acting for me?
    No, we are helping you manage the process so we explain who goes on the court record and how third-party communications should be conducted. You may not be able to afford a lawyer and be acting in person in which case we will make sure you know how to do that effectively. You may be best served by having a solicitor or barrister for all or part of your case or having both – it depends how complex matters are. They will interact with you on the portal or in meetings and at court if this is required. If a solicitor is acting then the solicitor goes on record.
  • What experts do you use?
    Over the previous 5 years we have built a trusted network from central London solicitors’ firms to local ones, members of the family law bar, financial experts, litigation loan providers, surveillance experts, mediators, child contact intervention experts, parenting course providers, therapists and many others. We are affiliated to none and work to our manifesto that the customer comes first. When we have a customer we first think whether we can help that person and how and what expert they need and then we talk with those that we know and believe can help to draw up a plan of how that will work.
  • Can’t a solicitor offer what you do?
    A solicitor provides a particular service and model which is based around letter writing. Most family law solicitors have grown from there but they still approach matters in a linear style. This can make them less effective and dynamic and in some cases a lot of money can be spent without achieving a cost-effective outcome or matters progress very slowly. We do use solicitors if we think it works best for the customer but within an overall strategy. We think we offer a more customer faced approach and we survey the whole of market and use what is useful for you.