Here to help You

Your Host

Host (meaning; a person who receives and looks after other people as guests)

Carol Horner leads the Hosting Team.  Carol has worked in retail management and customer service for over 30 years.  She makes sure all your practical needs are met and you are fully supported and assisted through the process to the end.  Her mission is to make things flow easily and that everything happens as it should do.  She will be there to hold your hand all the way.


Your Expeditor

Expeditor (meaning: a person that expedites something and ensures it gets done)

Joanna Toch leads the expediting team.  Joanna is a barrister with 30 years’ family law experience both day to day in courts and within solicitors’ practices.  Joanna is a double Olympian and World Silver medallist in rowing.  Her mission is to ensure you know your position legally, get the best possible outcome and spend the least amount of money and energy.


Your Servers

Server (meaning: a person that serves you)

Rather than starting with a particular expert, we advise you when you need one and give you choices.   Our network of mediators, barristers, solicitors, financial advisers, will writers, therapists and others drop into your case as needed and required.  Our servers target their work to make sure you do not spend more than you should and get to your outcome as fast as possible.

Why Use Us?

We are confident we will lead you safely through the minefield of family law. Our mission is to care for you, inform you, back you and ensure you are in a new and better place.

What Do You Pay? 

You pay nothing for the initial call and discussion with a lawyer – it’s completely free.

Once we work out how complex your case is we let you know the flat monthly fee for our care and assistance.  If you want to, you can pay at a discount for a 6 month block of our work.

We get you started using the online portal.  If at any stage you need extra experts we source them for you, give you choices and prices and ensure they only do what is absolutely necessary for you.  They base their work on the portal and you pay us a percentage fee.

As we have an established network and we are industry insiders we always make sure you are protected financially.  You are not on your own negotiating with professionals.  This keeps your costs in check.

We make sure you are looked after and you have a tailor made package that ensures you have the best value advice, assistance and representation.

Joanna Toch

Lead Expeditor

Sumita Mahtab-Shaikh