Here to help You

Family Law Cafe is an online platform where you can sort out your family legal problem using a lawyer-mentor.


How Do We Work?

When you make an enquiry you are offered a meeting with a lawyer who will listen to what your matter is about and ask you what you want to achieve.

The lawyer will then suggest how the matter can be resolved in the most straightforward way, with the aim of keeping your costs and stress to the minimum.

Depending on the type of case and the stage it has reached, you will be offered an all-in fee or a monthly base fee with the opportunity to buy in further expertise as and when it is needed.


We only work for You.

The legal framework is our bedrock but we know you also need time and may need more than one explanation to make a decision. This is why you get access to an online case space and can raise as many questions as you like within the agreed set fee.

Give us a try – we make no charge for our initial consultation.


Why Use Us?

We are confident we will lead you safely through the minefield of family law. Our mission is to care for you, inform you, back you and ensure you are in a new and better place.

What Do You Pay? 

You pay nothing for the initial call and discussion with a lawyer – it’s completely free.

Once we understand your case we will either offer you an all-in fee for agreed work to conclude or move on your case (eg if you have a court hearing looming) or agree a flat monthly fee for advising with access to extra support from other experts as and when you need them.

We get you started using the online portal.  If at any stage you need extra experts we source them for you, give you choices and prices and ensure they only do what is absolutely necessary for you. 

As we have an established network and we are industry insiders we always make sure you are protected financially.  You are not on your own negotiating with professionals.  This keeps your costs in check.

We make sure you are looked after and you have a tailor made package that ensures you have the best value advice, assistance and representation.

Joanna Toch

Lead Expeditor

Sumita Mahtab-Shaikh