Who are We?

Family Law Cafe was founded by Joanna Toch over four years ago. Joanna is a barrister with over 25 years family law experience. Interestingly, she has also worked in a solicitors’ office for seven years and so also has an effective insight into the practical realities of dealing with divorcing clients and the traditional drawn out cases.


She has long considered the established divorce process as outdated and protracted and therefore unnecessarily expensive. To address this issue, she has brought together a network of family lawyers to provide the expert advice you need at each stage of the process, under an innovative technology platform branded “Family Law Cafe”, which sits between every client and all service providers, including solicitors and barristers. The FLC platform revolutionises the process without disintermediating any of the current service providers.


Carol Horner is our Chief Operating Officer and could well be the first person to whom you speak at FLC. Carol has worked in retail management and customer services for over 30 years. She has responsibility for ensuring every person’s core needs are met and provides relevant support and assistance throughout the process. She coordinates how Family Law Cafe responds to your case. Joanna or another FLC family lawyer – we call the person managing your file an “Expeditor” – will then contact you to discuss your potential strategy and whether you wish to move forward with us


Expeditor (meaning: a person that expedites something, especially one employed to move a shipment to destination on schedule)


Why Use Us?

We are confident that we can provide an ethical, strategic and cost-effective way through the potential minefield of family law. We know nobody relishes entering into a family law issue, but once you are there you need to find the best navigation through it. We do not want you to be here longer than you should or at any greater emotional, mental, psychological or financial cost than is necessary. Our purpose is to give you the tools of knowledge, emotional support and technology to get you to where you want to be.

What Do You Pay? 

You pay nothing for the initial call and discussion – it’s completely free.

A lawyer will then discuss your case with you and let you know what Family Law Cafe can do for you. We can offer you a case plan and our recommendations – then you can decide which level of ongoing support and mentoring you want.

We offer a personalised service that takes into account your financial situation.

You can choose what level of service you want and can afford. With access to our experts and strategy you should achieve your goals faster than the traditional route and saving time saves money.

We discuss with you which experts you need and liaise with them to ensure they charge you competitively and transparently, this will include a percentage sum paid to us. Once they are working on your case we liaise with them and with you to make sure everything is going to plan and decide if any changes to strategy need to be made.

Joanna Toch

Barrister, FLC founder and CEO

Michael Hatchard


Sumita Mahtab-Shaikh