How we help


There are three levels of support. 

Your Host takes information and processes your initial enquiry. 

Your Expeditor, an experienced lawyer, will help you with key decisions.

Your Server will assist in day to day matters. You will never need to struggle alone or worry. We’ll be with you all the way.


So this is the cool technology and the clever security bit…that puts your mind at ease. Our unique digital platform contains all of your case materials.

You access it by a two stage secure login. From here you can see any important dates in your case calendar, speak with your Expeditor and case experts by instant messaging and all your essential case papers are available to you. The use of email, hard copy letters and bulky paper files is redundant.

You save money because any further experts needed, such as accountants, can conveniently access the papers they need with your permission.You don’t start all over again with every new addition to your team by having to bring them up to date or transfer files – they can simply login, pull up a chair to your table and see your files in the cafe.

As a confidential online service you won’t be seen going into your lawyer’s office, have to use emails and worry about who might be read them, have to arrange childcare or take time off work. It’s one simple phone call and then you can login to our portal anytime, from anywhere.


We feel it is essential that you have early analysis and do not take your case down a fruitless and expensive path.

Family law cases are as different as the families they come from. Some situations can be resolved through mediation, others lend themselves to collaborative law or arbitration, sometimes a letter or two will sort it out and at other times it goes straight to court.That’s why you need a strategy from the start.

We are industry insiders with decades of experience.We think about which expert you may need, who will work well with you, discuss your budget and assist you obtaining a legal payment plan if you need it. We liaise with the experts working with you and your Expeditor stays with you to make sure all goes to plan.

Save Money

We don't make you pay for work you don't need. That is why our strategy is key. You tell us about your family law problem then we strategise to get you the outcome you want. We tailor make the plan according to your needs and your resources.

Save Time

We source and check for the best people to get you the results you want. We know how to work within the system to eliminate delay and distraction. We always keep your objectives at the forefront of our work. We are here for you, when you want. Remember saving time – saves money.

Take Control

Run your case at a time that suits you. When you want, how you want and need. Log on to our secure portal and leave and collect messages with your FLC support network. Check the documents provided for you. Raise questions and get answers. Speak in real time on messenger to your team. With a dedicated support network and strategy your case is easy to understand and get through.

We care about each individual – YOU – and we want to find the best, speediest and cost-effective option for you while considering your emotional needs.

Every family law matter is different so we know you need a tailored approach. There are many options and we can provide insider information to help you make the best choices. We know what to ask you, so that we can analyse where you are and suggest how we can help. There’s no charge for this initial work – it’s all part of the process of understanding your case.   

If you want to take up the assistance Family Law Cafe can offer, we’ll provide a strategy plan, organise expert assistance, give you access to our secure digital platform where your calendar of events and papers will be held and mentor you through to the conclusion of your case. We are on hand to help you through any changes and are there for you as long as you need us.