Press release: Barrister Joanna Toch announces a revolution in family law

Barrister and family law specialist Joanna Toch (pictured) has launched Family Law Café, a revolutionary new concept based on her years of experience dealing with clients in this sensitive area. is an online portal that allows documents and case materials to be held securely online and provides an ethical, strategic and cost-effective way through the potential minefield of family law.

Clients work with an Expeditor (an experienced lawyer), who will recommend the appropriate level of support and realistic funding, then the Family Law Cafe team analyses and mentors the client through the key decisions, and a Server assists with day to day matters.

Family Law Cafe’s unique digital platform contains all of the case materials securely, and relevant experts can access the materials they need online, easily and quickly.

The founders are Joanna Toch, solicitor Peter Tahany who specialises in disruptive technology and Carol Horner, a retail management consultant.

Joanna Toch comments: “After more than 25 years working in court and solicitor’s offices in the field of family law, I’ve seen clients bewildered by the process. In a world in which all of us can bank, shop and even buy a property online there is no reason why family law should exist in an archaic bubble that alienates the very people it’s supposed to help. We’ve had fantastic feedback from the legal partners with whom we will work and it’s very exciting to be on the cusp of such a revolutionary development.”