Judge criticises couple for spending “crazy” sum on divorce case

A couple who have spent £1.5 million on legal costs in an on-going divorce case have been heavily criticised by a High Court judge.

Mr Justice Holman said Barbara Cooke and Michael Parker had spent that sum while arguing about dividing assets worth about £10 million. He said that if couples were fighting over £100 million then spending £1 million on lawyers would be proportionate, but this couple were not in that bracket.

Urging the couple to negotiate, he said: “I have come across litigation that loses all sense of costs proportionality but I have rarely come across it on this scale. This is crazy.”

He went on: “Ultimately if there is nothing left at the end, there is nothing left at the end. But it won’t be Maseratis … will it? It will be a beaten up old Ford if you’re lucky. Ultimately people can just litigate to the end and bankrupt themselves.”

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Image: MK III Ford Cortina, by Charlie, licensed under CC BY 2.0.