100 posts on the Cafe Chat blog!

It hardly seems possible, but this is the 100th post here on the Cafe Chat blog. We’ve covered a lot of ground since the blog began eleven months ago, dealing with the biggest family law news stories and the family law issues of the greatest concern.

The news stories we have covered included important cases such as the Owens divorce case, the piloting of Financial Remedy Courts, cross-border cooperation after Brexit and the appointment of Baroness Hale as President of the Supreme Court.

The family law issues we have covered ranged from the basics of divorce to how the court decides financial settlements on divorce and disputes over arrangements for children. Other topics included rights on cohabitation breakdownputting assets overseas and sorting out pensions on divorce. You can also find a handy family law jargon buster here.

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Image: 100 by Guilhem Vellut, licensed under CC BY 2.0.