Family Law Cafe on the right lines? Our customers think so!

It’s always nice to receive positive testimonials from satisfied customers, especially when you have created an innovative new service for them. Without such feedback, it’s not always easy to know whether your creation is on the right lines.

Family Law Cafe received two more positive testimonials from satisfied customers over the past week, both on the same day, and we wanted to share them with readers.

Both of the testimonials came via Twitter, addressed to our CEO Joanna Toch (@Joannatoch) (we are omitting the customers’ Twitter names for privacy reasons, but thank you to you both!).

The first testimonial read:

and this was the second:

We were particularly pleased that both customers were happy not just with our personal service, but also with our secure online portal, which really sets us apart from what other providers are offering. The portal contains all of your case materials, which you can view at any time, and also enables you to see any important dates in your case calendar.

For further information about our service, or to book a free initial consultation, click the green button at the top of this page and fill in the form, or call us on 020 3904 0506.

You can read further testimonials from satisfied Family Law Cafe customers here.

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Family Law Cafe offers a modern, agile and compassionate approach to family law, giving you a helping hand when you need it and guiding you through the complexities of this difficult and stressful area.

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