Family Law Cafe – the perfect companion to online divorce

More and more people are doing their own divorce online these days, so why not choose an online legal provider too?

It has never been easier to do your own divorce. With divorce now being dealt with online and with the simplicity of no-fault divorce, almost anyone can do their own divorce from the comfort of their home.

But online divorce is just that: it deals with the divorce itself, but nothing else. It does not deal with any dispute over arrangements for children, and in particular it does not sort out arrangements for finances.

Even if you can do your divorce yourself, you will still need legal help to sort out these matters. Attempting to sort out a financial settlement on divorce without proper legal advice is a recipe for disaster, which could result in you failing to receive your full entitlement.

And even in an apparently straightforward case you should still seek advice, not just upon the settlement, but also how to implement it (even where matters are agreed, the agreement will have to be put into a court order, which should be prepared by an expert lawyer).

Of course, obtaining legal help will normally mean finding a solicitor, going to their office to instruct them, and then dealing with them mostly at “arm’s length”, having to contact them whenever you want to know what is happening on your file, and often having to wait for a response.

But there is another way. Family Law Cafe provide an online-based service, whereby you can access your file at any time, via a secure online portal. It is the perfect companion to online divorce.

These days it is possible to conduct many aspects of our lives online, as the experience of the pandemic showed us. Why not deal with every aspect of your divorce online?

With Family Law Cafe you can do just that.

For more details about the service we provide and how we can help you, call us on 020 3904 0506, or click here, and fill in the form.

If you wish to instruct us, do so as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the divorce to be finalised – the financial settlement should be dealt with before then.

And if you don’t want to deal with the divorce yourself, we can arrange to do that for you as well!

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Family Law Cafe’s accessible team of legal experts from various disciplines expedites the customer’s case and keeps them informed and in control 24/7 through a unique and secure online portal. Family Law Cafe is your start-point for getting matters sorted with strategy, support and security.