How Galleon Property Search can help you

A Guest Post by Sebastien Nicolleau, MD & Founder of Galleon Property Search

Supporting your housing needs case during the proceedings

Whilst going through your divorce finances case you may need to show evidence to support your housing needs case. As property sourcing experts, we can provide a specialist Property Particulars Report based on evidence and property market data. This can strengthen your position or challenge the other party’s case meaning the matter may settle without court proceedings or, if the case has reached court, make all the difference to the court’s decision.

Finding and securing your new home post separation

A separation or divorce is an emotionally charged time for all involved and often a period of high stress. Once you have got through your separation and dealt with all the challenges, you may have the further challenge of finding a new home.

Finding your new home, a nest where we feel safe, is essential to turn the page and rebuild our life. Searching for properties is very time and energy consuming. It is also important to remember that estate agents work for and represent the interests of the seller who is their client and not you.

However, you have the option to work with a buying agent who will represent your interests only, advise you, guide you and manage the whole process on your behalf. We have been selected by Family Law Cafe as their trusted buying agent to support you on your journey to a new life.

If you choose to work with us, the first step of the process is to put together a detailed brief for your new home. This can take into consideration the location you want to live in, including proximity to where your children are educated, travel to your place of work, and where your family members and friends are located. We will also look at the specification for the new home and work out what matters to you. A separation is the perfect opportunity to re-consider your lifestyle and how you want to live the rest of your life. With the brief in place, we will then be ready to scan the entire market and identify the homes best suited to your new needs as you move into the next stage of your life.

As buying agents we will engage with every single estate agent in your pre-determined search area to identify all properties matching your requirements. We will also uncover any off-market homes that are not for sale on the open market. From the search results, you will decide on a shortlist of your top properties to view, we will organise a viewing schedule to suit your commitments and accompany you.

Our role is to fully appraise each property with you, identify potential issues and give you all the information needed to make an educated decision. Once you’ve chosen your favourite property, your buying agent will use their expertise of the property market to negotiate the best terms on your behalf. Our mission is not just to find your dream home, but to secure it at the best possible price, saving you money and time. 

We help you with a joined up approach. Finding the right home at the right price is only one aspect of the process. You’ll also need a conveyancing lawyer, a surveyor, removals, and potentially an interior designer and contractors. Just like Family Law Cafe, we have a network of experts and between Family Law Cafe and ourselves we will make sure you have the best trusted experts for you to choose from. This ensures a coordinated approach, so the purchase moves safely through to completion and you moving into the house of your dreams. You can rest assured that all aspects of the process are covered professionally, relieving you of the stress and hassle, and empowering you to focus on planning your new post-divorce life.

As leading buying agents in the UK, with years of experience helping clients who are going through a separation or divorce, we appreciate how emotionally draining the situation can be. Finding a new home is only one aspect of this life change and it shouldn’t be a source of additional stress and anxiety. Our role is to make this journey and transition as enjoyable as possible and support you throughout.

Galleon Property Search are buying agents and part of the Family Law Cafe Network.

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